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The Renewable Energy Finance and Modelling

Four successful renewable energy auctions held so-far, continued economic growth, a stable and business friendly government, investment grade and welcoming of international players  not to mention vast proven resources mean Peru is on the verge of a renewable breakthrough, in a big way. Policymakers, regulators, financers, investors and critically developers are all committed to realising Peru’s wind, solar, biomass and small hydro potential. The last  auctions, culminating in ground breakingly low prices for wind and solar offer just a sneak-peak at what could be possible in Peru, as well as evidence of unwavering commitment from leaders in Latin America’s renewable space.

Peru’s renewable energy dawn is fast approaching…

London - 19 - 20 November

Even without the rapid growth of EVs, our current power systems are in the midst of a disruptive transition towards cleaner, diversified and more flexible structures.

 This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the multi-sector issues that must be understood and integrated, including: technology status and trends, quantitative analysis of electricity demand & supply, “smart” system and consumer behavioural influences.

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Electric Vehicles and the
Power System

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